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Network APT

ZombieZERO Inspector N

APT solution that detects and blocks malware coming through network traffic
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    GS Certification

The ZombieZERO Inspector N is a security solution that detects, analyzes,
and blocks new and variant malware by collecting valid data from network traffic.
It responds to and defends against network APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) attacks using
virtual analysis machines to analyze information such as URLs/Files collected from the network.
It utilizes behavior-based multi-dimensional analysis (anti-virus engine, static YARA,
dynamic behavior analysis, reputation analysis) to detect unknown new and variant malware,
enabling proactive response to potential internal threats.

Key Features
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    Malware and Abnormal Traffic Detection/Analysis

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    Malware Response and Treatment

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    Integrated Monitoring and Management

  • Bidirectional network traffic monitoring for file ingress and egress
  • Collection and analysis of major internet service protocols (HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP, IMAP, etc.)
  • Multi-dimensional malware analysis: Pattern-based (blacklist/whitelist), antivirus, YARA rule-based static analysis, behavior-based sandbox dynamic analysis, reputation analysis, etc.
  • Engine dedicated to non-executable (non-PE) malware – JS/SWF, documents (Hangul, MS Office, PDF, Flash, Image, Media, etc.)
  • Detection and blocking of access to harmful sites and C&C communication
  • Security status monitoring through dashboard and providing information on key events (malware ingress and abnormal traffic)
  • Detailed behavior analysis log information for files/processes/registry/network, etc.
  • Provision of analysis reports, notification of key security events (E-mail, SMS, etc.)
  • Flexible security scalability (integration with similar APT response products, email APT, file APT response products, EDR solutions, reputation analysis - API integration with VirusTotal, etc.)
  • Log/configuration file backup function (automatic/manual)
  • Syslog forwarding for integration with security management (SIEM, ESM) solutions
  • Detection, blocking, and isolation of malware distribution sites and C&C communication
  • Redirection to a landing page by sending blocking packets upon access to malicious URL/IP
  • Provision of PCAP (Packet Capture) file for network access history of malicious files
Special Features
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    Threat Detection/Analysis

    Real-time extraction of downloaded file/URL information from network traffic

    Behavior-based analysis to complement Zero-day vulnerabilities undetected by conventional signature-based security systems

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    SSL Traffic Analysis

    Function to analyze and block encrypted traffic (HTTPS) in conjunction with SSL decryption devices

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    Global Pattern Update

    Domestic live updates provided: integration with KISA C-TAS, ECSC (Cyber Safety Center)

    Global live updates provided: antivirus (Bitdefender), VirusSign, VirusTotal

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    International Certification

    International CC (EAL2) Certification

    GS Certification

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    User Expandability

    Security scalability provided by applying multi-dimensional analysis engines

    Correlation analysis function through integration between APT products

    Customization for user analysis environment and establishing a similar analysis environment

    Integration with third-party antivirus engines and reputation services

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    Malware Expert Analysis Team

    Providing more refined analysis results through correlation analysis using equipment-specific data, AI machine learning (supervised/unsupervised learning)

    Immediate response and manual analysis reports provided by a dedicated malware analysis team

Analysis/Detection/Blocking of malware entering through the network
Blocking access to C&C servers and malicious URLs through blocking packets
Adoption Benefits
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    Improved Detection and Response Capability for Intelligent Threats (APT)

    Provides special technology and algorithms to detect and respond to Advanced Persistent Threats (APT).
    This helps identify threats that were difficult to detect with traditional security systems.

    Multi-dimensional detection/analysis process

    Behavior detection, analysis, and blocking using virtual machines (sandboxes)

    Application of virtual machine bypass prevention technology: Inducing the behavior of malware that bypasses virtual machines for dynamic behavior detection and analysis

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    Rapid Response

    Provides visibility and automated response features for detected threats, shortening incident response time and enabling quick responses to security incidents.

    Use of collection-dedicated acceleration boards for network traffic collection

    MITRE ATT&CK classification

    Providing malicious activity flowcharts

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    Response Utilizing Evidence-Based Threat Intelligence

    Real-time updates and alerts on threats allow for threat information sharing among various organizations, enabling better security responses.

    Ministry of Education Cyber Safety Center ECSC

    Official integration with Yara Rule

    Domestic and global pattern live updates

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    Security Management and Forensic Analysis Support

    Generates and stores records of security events and attack activities, supporting forensic analysis and incident investigation.

    Ability to understand the security level of the managed target, status of malicious file analysis, key events, and current situation information

    Notation of attack tactics, techniques, and procedures through MITRE ATT&CK classification in conjunction with malicious activity flowcharts

Product Lineup
Model Network APT Series
300N 500N 1000N 2000N 5000N 10000N
Chassis Type 1U 2U 2U 2U 2U 2U
Traffic Coverage ~ 300Mb ~ 500Mb ~ 1Gb ~ 10Gb ~ 20Gb ~ 40Gb
CPU Bronze 3204
1.9GHz (6Core)*2
Silver 4310
2.1GHz (12Core)
Silver 4310
2.1GHz (12Core)*2
Gold 6326
2.9GHz (16Core)*2
Gold 6330
2.0GHz (28Core)*2
Gold 6348
2.6GHz (28Core)*2
Memory 48GB 64GB 96GB 160GB 320GB 640GB
SSD 960GB(Raid1) 960GB(Raid1) 960GB(Raid1) 960GB(Raid1) 960GB(Raid1) 960GB(Raid1)
Storage 960GB 960GB 960GB 1.92TB 1.92TB*2 1.92TB*6
Network Interface (Basic) 1GbE 2port 1GbE 2port 1GbE 2port 1GbE 2port 1GbE 2port 1GbE 2port
Network Interface (Option) 1/10G SFP+ 4port (Optical) 1/10G SFP+ 4port (Optical) 1/10G SFP+ 4port (Optical) 1/10G SFP+ 4port (Optical) 1/10G SFP+ 4port (Optical) 1/10G SFP+ 4port (Optical)
Traffic Collection Interface 4 X 1GbE Cooper 4 X 1GbE Cooper 4 X 1GbE Cooper 4 X 10GbE SFP 4 X 10GbE SFP 4 X 10GbE SFP
Power Supply Redundant 1300W Redundant 1300W Redundant 1300W Redundant 1300W Redundant 1300W Redundant 1300W
* Performance metrics may vary depending on the specific environment and system configuration.